Pokemon Go APK: The Latest Trend in the Game World

Pokemon Go is now one of the most trending game apps played in the app stores. Today, Pokemon Go APK has been made available so that players can install its newest version, 0Pokemon Go 0.43.4. As one of the most anticipated games this year, everybody expects something enticing for its addicted players.

This game is free to download and it is available in various play stores.

What Makes Pokemon Go Interesting?

For many game experts, no smartphone game having augmented technology (AR) technology can generate hype just what this game does. For gamers, this is what they have been waiting for. They want that Pokemon to exist in a real world.

Before the popularity of Pokemon Go, there are Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Alpha Omega Ruby, and Pokemon Sapphire that have been played by the fans. This game shows a variety of Pokemon that existed from the first generation. Such first generation characters are more familiar to the fans. Some of them include Squirtle, Pikachu, Bulbasaur and more.

Kanto Pokedex Pokemon is usually known as the monster selection coming from Pokemon’s first generation. Furthermore, Niantic Labs developed Ingress AR games and Pokemon Go APK has invited players to explore and move into the environment surrounding them. In this way, they can hunt various Pokemon existing in it.

Each monster found has been randomized in various locations, thus, there are unpredictable occurrences. Pokemon Go also gives an option called Nearby Pokemon. This means players can check what type of monster is around them. Once the monster is encountered, the game gives a mini-game throwing a Pokeball utilizing the AR camera interaction.

Final Words About Pokemon Go APK

Playing Pokemon Go is easy for most of its fanatics. All they have to do is to catch the Pokemon. The players will hold their finger on the Pokeball to distinguish the strength of the Pokemon and hurl towards it. If successfully caught, monsters will be included in the Pokedex and have them sold through a Transfer feature (in order receive items such as Evolution Candy). The players use this to stay strong and reach another level or they can make another form of Pokemon for evolution.

Pokemon Go now comes in Pokemon Go APK which introduces more exciting features and gaming system. This is the reason why more gamers get addicted to catching Pokemon monsters. At present, it is recognized as one of the most trending games worldwide.

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